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N.A.R.K. [16 Dec 2003|04:43pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Ok yeah this has been a quite place but I have an issue to deal with and I was wondering what you guys would do in this situation. (mostly to spark a renwed intrest in this community)Ok here is the problem.

I used to work at a new age store with some friends because it was fun to make fun of the stupid people comming in who dont know anything about it but like to think that they are all high and mighty(yeah you know that group im talking about, the ones who watched the movie the Craft one to many times.) So I still have a few friends who work there I had to leave to get more cash from a Job. But they have this guy who will rat out anything they do there. It's annoying, I have this issue with people who have to get there way by being screwed up about it. If he had any skill in magick then he could get the job that way np. But its oblivous that he has no talent whats-so-ever or he wouldn't be a coward about this.

Heh...I ranted. But the whole point of this post is to ask what would you guys do. Your friend who works there has too much going on to deal with it and I dont know about you guys but if someone fucks with my friend then I take that as an attack on me. Plz comment or post what you would do in this case.

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hey [12 Oct 2003|09:54pm]

I joined this communtiy awhile ago just havent really seen much going on so I thought i would say hi to everyone. HI. Well thats it, maybe someone will start a discussion on something or anything. eh.

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[15 Apr 2003|06:12am]

is anyone here:)

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[16 Oct 2002|12:04pm]

there aren't many people posting in here.

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[11 Oct 2002|07:21pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hello all.

I am Adian Shadowe, and I am a black magician...This seemed like an interesting group to share with/read and so on, so I joined up. It is a pleasure to be here. I apologise if this looks repedtive, I posted this in two other groups to save me a bit of time. Hope you all understand.

I have been interested in magic since I was 7, was a ritual summoner by 11 (not to sound haughty, I had humble beginnings - don't we all?), and today, I have branched out to necromancy, elemental magic, demonomancy, and other arts. In short, I am a Dark Artist.

Might be quiet for a while, while I soak in the atmosphere...

Vis in odium,
~ H. Shadowe

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[16 Mar 2002|09:59pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey, I'm here, as well as to livjournal. Currently I have nothing to post, but you can expect more later.
Sorry, I know this was a useless post, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows I'm here! ^_^;;

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tears of stardust [15 Mar 2002|10:48am]

[ mood | determined ]

She crys tears of stardust
as she breathes in rays of moonbeams
breathes out rays of sun
the ocean filled with her sorrow

her sadness comes from the pain they inflict on her

from their greed

all she wants, needs is love
our very existance depends on it
fight for her, she is our mother
she cares for us
care for her.. before its to late

she crys tears of stardust
i can feel them on my face.

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Woman [13 Mar 2002|12:33pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

I am woman
created in the Goddess' image
the greatest gift.... to man
I am ...
love me and these qualities florish
abuse me and these qualities whither and die

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Link of the Week [22 Jan 2002|09:02am]

[ mood | awake (barely) ]

Being a technomage and all, I must say this article on the "physics" of the One Ring is intriguing, to say the least. Highly amusing as well.

(And a big shout-out to the mutant zine bOINGbOING for the link.)

iblis }()+

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binding/banishing [12 Dec 2001|03:59pm]

[ mood | determined ]

i need to do a binding/banishing spell any suggestions?
i had a thought, 2 black poppets, black pepper, flax, juniper, her hair, his picture, placed in a jar of my urine and my manstral blood. this is very important.i don't want harm done just want them to forget about us and let us be.

all help is much appreciated.

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mother help me [11 Dec 2001|05:34pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Oh sweet mother help me to see
the path you've placed in front of me
for my heart is crushed
my spirit stripped bare
the fear of loneliness grips my soul
of never to know the real love that makes one whole
my days are filled with sorrow my nights filled with pain
am i Great Motherever to feel joy again
all i ask is to find sweet sleep just for tonight
and maybe in my dreams i can make my life right.

a petition to the Goddess

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My Journey [09 Dec 2001|08:06pm]

[ mood | good ]

First let me start by describing the scene:
It snowed last night the trees are heavy with snow and the feilds are covered with atleast 6 inches of snow. I venture up to this place that is very sacred sometimes the spirits of place let u stay and other times they let u know don't stay or else!
(This time they called me as i came up the mountain with my kids)

there is a pond called pecks pond. the main road runs through this place with fields on both sides and clusters of trees through out the fields. this space is truely magickal.

I drop the kids off at home and get my shepard, this time she was allowed to come. I park and wendi and I start through the field at first there are deer tracks(the faery steed) but the farther we go the only tracks are now our own.

The snow is deep and starts to fill my boots. I am cold at first but the farther I trudge the warmer I become. I make my way to a clump of trees almost in the center of the farthest field. the trees have grown all around this rock ledge.

I stand there and stare out at the white blanket that covers the land. I look up at the beautiful night sky. a swwet friend told me that it was the dark Goddess' cloak and that the stars are the holes in her cloak. a mist creeps across the fields. The dragon has awaken. I can feel her all around me, wrapping herself about me, holding me as a mother would her babe.

I am overwhelmed with sadness and I begin to cry. I cry because I need to leave this place. for years I have been drawn to this mountain. about 5 years ago i finally made it here. It was here I found my lady. this is where she was waiting for me. I said good -bye to the spirits of place. I told them I would be back to be with them from time to time. but that I needed to move on to a new place. asked all who wished to come with to please join me. there are those who will stay because they must to protect the land.

My tears were so cold on my cheeks as I called to the fay, to my ancesters, to my lord and lady. asking them to help me to remove all these obstacles that stand in my way of starting my new life with my kids. telling them of my needs, asking for them to show me the way to go so we can begin our lives in a happy safe envirorment.

after saying my good-byes I walked back through the fields to my car. wedi had been running around the fields in her own little world. having the time of her life. up ahead there was a clump of tall grass and I saw in the pitch dark a flashing green light. I looked again and it flashed again but as I got closer htere was nothing there. at least not to my eye.

all the unseen was with me tonight saying good-bye to me as well and though my heart is heavy I know that they will do all they can to help me in my escape from steven and his family.

blessed be!!

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my faery card for today. [09 Dec 2001|04:09pm]

[ mood | determined ]

the fay say:
make decisions based onmy true feeling. stick to these decisions, and don't allow outside influances to cause me to waver.
my affirmation:
i speak my truth powerfully and lovingly. i trust in my strong feelings, and stand my ground in following them.

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help me to stay strong! [08 Dec 2001|09:31pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

oh my sweet lady
mother of mine
goddess of the moon
protector of your children,
I ask of u please help me to be strong,
help me to stand up against my enemies,
help me to protect those i love so dearly
fill my body with all your attributes,
make me in your image
i am in my hour of need
in my hour of dispair
show the way to rise up and conquer all those who seek to harm me and mine.
blessed be!!

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I'm with You!!!! [28 Oct 2001|10:47am]

We will help rebuild this community!!

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Hmm, no posts in a while,.... [28 Oct 2001|10:44am]

[ mood | amused ]

We've gotten more members, but there have been no posts in quite a long time...

So I'm going to start posting again! ^_^;;

Whose with me!!???

*stares at everyone*

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Geez, no one's posted here in a month and a half?? [04 Oct 2001|08:33pm]

[ mood | burnin' up ]

Well, I guess I'd better.

I'm Iblis, I'm a technomage.

And am I ever on fire baby....

iblis }()+

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[21 Aug 2001|07:20am]

[ mood | blank ]

*smiles and casts heal on it* Okay, I think it's going to be fine. 0_o;;

My new favorite mage is Marron!
DragonElf got me intrested in him again, do ya wnt a picture?
Wait, what am I saying? Of course you all do!

Unfortunatly I don't have one.

Marron is a mage from the spooner contienent (Proof that I cannot spell...)
He uses and anti-magic ward spell, and calls upon a god that looks much like Suzaku. Unfortunatly because of money problems (Namly - I'm broke) I havn't seen much of the series.

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[15 Aug 2001|03:39pm]

[ mood | helpful? XD ]

*casts Revive on the community* ^_^

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[30 Jul 2001|11:40pm]

[ mood | feel my wrath ]

Come on Kiddies!! Post! I do not want to declare the death of this Community!!!!
So post or deal with me!!!!!!!!!!

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